HET-CAM test (Hen´s Egg Choriallantoic membrane test).

Mucosal irritation test using chorioallantoic membrane of embryonated hen´s egg following the recommendations from the ICCVAM (Interagency Coordinating Committee on the Validation of Alternative Methods). 

This test is an alternative to the mucosal irritation test previously done in rabbit eye conjunctive mucosa (Mucosal Draize test). For the test, 9-to-10 days old embryonated hen´s egg are used. On their well vascular choriallantoic membrane the product under test is added to search for irritation potential. The effect induced by the test sample is measured through the hemorrhages, broken blood vessels in the membrane or blood coagulation development. The test may be applied to fluid undiluted or diluted samples, solid compounds, solid particles or pasty compounds.

Test approved with the Good Laboratory practices certification –GLPs- (Buenas prácticas de laboratorio) BPL Nº. 1/16-C.VAL (Dirección General de Farmacia y Productos Sanitarios; Generalitat Valenciana / General Direction of Pharmacy and Sanitary Devices from the Valencian Region, Spain).

Sample volume/quantity for HET-CAM test

For liquid or creamy sterile products, 25 mL are needed.

For solid powdery sterile products, 25 g are needed.

For solid non-powdery sterile products, 25 units are needed.

Formulary with the characteristics of the product

In case of test order, a submission formulary must be addressed with the sample including any data or characteristics (kind of material, composition, …) that should be included in the laboratory report.

Time schedule for results    

Every week we incubate hen´s egg to have available 9-to-10 days old embryonated hen´s egg to perform the test usually on Wednesday or Fridays unless these were ferial days. In this sense, all samples received until Thursday, will be tested on Friday, and results will be reported next Monday.     

Only, if the number of test received along the week were superior to the number of available embryonated hen´s egg, the test should be performed the following week, but this usually is exceptional, because usually we incubated more eggs than usually used.

Price of the test

Consult to ivami@ivami.com.