ASTM E654 − 96 (Reapproved 2009) - Standard Test Method for Effectiveness of Aerosol and Pressurized Spray Insecticides Against Cockroaches. 

This method is intended to determine the effectiveness of aerosol dispensers applied directly on cockroaches with a spray dispenser, without determination of residual effect, performed together with a product accepted as a control.

The test uses healthy cockroaches, final nymphal phase or young adult males of the species Blatella germanica (German cockroach) reared in the laboratory, excluding nymphal final stages or wild cockroaches. The cockroaches are reared in the laboratory under controlled temperature and humidity conditions. In the same way, the tests are carried out in a room with controlled conditions of temperature and humidity.

The tests are carried out in spray chambers of the dimensions determined by the standard that allows the dispenser to be located inside it, as well as its handling. The treatment vessel where the cockroaches are placed is located inside the spray chamber. Once exposed to the product, the cockroaches are removed to recovery plates where they are observed for 48 hours.

The cockroaches are transferred to the exposure vessels with a method that does not cause them any type of injury. There should be 10 test groups and 10 other control groups with the known effective product, with which an average of 50 to 75% of dead and dying insects should be obtained at 24 hours.

In the test the amount of product used in grams / second of use is determined with the dispensers provided by the manufacturer.

The insects are placed in the treatment container immediately before proceeding to the nebulization located at a distance determined by guideline of the nozzle of the dispenser. The treatment vessels are removed from the nebulization chamber 30 seconds after the start of the sprays and transferred to the recovery plates to be observed for 48 hours without food or water. Optional observations can be made for longer periods, in which case they should be provided with food and water.

In order to consider the product as effective, a percentage equal or greater than that obtained with the reference product must be obtained or be within a margin of 10 points lower. 

Material provided by the applicant:

  • Dispensers for evaluation (10 units).
  • Reference product, if desired (10 units).
  • Form with product characteristics and variables for tests.

Delivery of results

We cannot give an exact time since it depends on the time necessary to dispose of the nymph stages and adult males of the cockroaches, which are being prepared when the test is requested.

Cost of the tests

Basic price: it is applied for a test with 10 groups of replicas made with a product in sprays supplied by the manufacturer, an exposure time, one temperature and one humidity. For more variables consult price.