NF T72-190-Bactericidal, fungicidal and sporicidal activity. AFNOR NF T 72-190: 1988. Water-miscible contact disinfectants used in liquid state. Determination of the bactericidal, fungicidal and sporicidal activity. Germ carrier method.

This test has been discontinued by AFNOR.

This test organisms used as mandatory spores of Bacillus subtilis, Bacillus cereus and Clostridium sporogenes. The test should be performed at a temperature chosen by the promoter (if not choose, the temperature of 20ºC required for the standard UNE-EN 13704 shall be used: 2002) and for a time to choose between 1, 5, 15 or 60 minutes. The product should be tested at least three levels including one in the non-active interval and another in the active interval. The product is tested by the filtration method. To consider the product sporicidal must show a log reduction of 3 in the number of viable for each of the three strains spores.