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Rage. Samples for diagnosis of rabies in animals teethers - Recommendations

Brain samples Animal Teether

Samples are to be received by veterinarians brains extracted from biting animals, animal heads separated by veterinarians, or in the case of small animals (mouse, rat, hamster, bats or the like) the whole animal.

To remove the brain is recommended to proceed as follows:

Small animals (mouse, bat, rat, hamster, and similar in size)

Large animals (cat, dog, and similar or larger in size)

Once extracted, it is introduced into water with 50% glycerol (1: 1; half water and half of glycerin, preferably sterile).

Samples of living patients with clinical suspicion of rabies:

These samples will be taken by neurosurgeon and sent inside a microtube sterile polypropylene without adding anything.

They must be obtained by ophthalmologists patients with clinical suspicion of rabies, to be taken firmly by contacting a clean and sterile slide against the cornea. Two stamps must be obtained. It slides will be introduced in a special container slide to avoid breakage during transport.

Sample transport and conservation

It is convenient to transport refrigerated samples introduced into a sterile polypropylene container. Refrigerated transport to use an expanded polystyrene container and a freezer pack frozen.