EN17122: 2020. Quantitative non-porous surface test for the evaluationof viricidal activity of chemicaldisinfectants and antiseptics used inthe veterinary area. Test method and requirements (phase 2, ste2)

Test accredited by ENAC (Spanish National Accreditation Entity).

The EN 17122 Standard describes a surface test method for establishing whether a product used to disinfect non-porous surfaces in the veterinary area has or does not have virucidal activity. The test products are chemical disinfectants that form a homogeneous physically stable preparation when diluted with water and are used for disinfecting without mechanical action of non-porous surfaces in the breeding, husbandry, production, veterinary care facilities, transport, and disposal of all animals, except when in the food chain, following dead and entry to the processing industry.

In the test described by EN 17122, the test product is applied at the requested concentration on a dried film of a suspension of the test virus and the interfering substance on a test surface. The test surface is kept at a specified temperature for a defined period of time. The test virus will depend on the activity to be demonstrated. To demonstrate full virucidal activity, the test with Porcine Parvovirus must be performed, while for demonstrating virucidal activity against enveloped viruses, the test with Feline Coronavirus must be performed. The mandatory test temperature is 10ºC. In addition, as additional temperatures, the standard indicates the following temperatures: 4ºC, 20ºC and 40ºC. The minimum contact time is 1 minute, and the maximum contact time is 120 minutes. Other times indicated by the standard are: 5 minutes, 15 minutes, 30 minutes, and 60 minutes. The contact time must be selected according to the practical conditions of use of the product. The soiling conditions should be selected between a low soil level (3 g/L bovine albumin) or a high soil level (10g/L bovine albumin and 10 g/L yeast extract. The test product must demonstrate at least a 3-log reduction in the virus titre of the test strain.

To claim full virucidal activity, the product must comply with EN 14675 Standard with Bovine Enterovirus and EN 17122 Standard with Porcine Parvovirus. To claim virucidal activity against enveloped viruses, the product must comply with EN 17122 Standard with the Feline Coronavirus test strain.