Endotoxins - Quantitative chromogenic LAL test.

LAL (Limulus Amebocyte Lysate) chromogenic, test is used to detect and quantify endotoxin associated with gram - negative bacteria, but does not detect pyrogens related chemicals. In the LAL Chromogenic, a synthetic equivalent amebocyte lysate of crab Limulus polyphemus substrate is used, and is considered the most convenient by: a) high sensitivity; b) the test results are linear with the endotoxin concentration; c) This test is recognized by the FDA and is recommended to ensure that the products tested do not contain endotoxins (pyrogenic substances); d) in this test, a synthetic chromogenic substrate attached to an easy reading and quantification of the reaction is used; e) the use of five standards in duplicate allows to prepare a standard curve for each test, to quantify the amount of endotoxin present in the sample.