Candida spp. - Genotyping: Genotype determination (A, B, C, D or E); ALT sequences number in RPS genomic region; Microsatellites; MLST (Multilocus Sequencing Typing).

Genotype (A, B, C, D o E), determination by comparison of the size of the amplicon obtained in the 25S rDNA sequence.

ALT sequences (short sequences of 172 bp) number, in the RPS (Repeats Polymorphic sequences) genomic region.

Microsatellites presence: for Candida albicans: CDC3, EF3, HIS3, CAI, CAIII, CAIV, CAV, CAVI, CAVII; for Candida parapsilosis: CP1, CP4, CP6, B5; for Candida tropicalis: URA3, CT14, Ctrm7, Ctrm10, Ctrm12, Ctrm15, Ctrm21, Ctrm24, Ctrm28.

MLST (Multilocus Sequencing Tuping) strains comparison, with up to 9 loci (AAT1a, ACC1, ADP1, MPI1b, SYA1, VPS13, ZWF1b, AAT1b and RPN2.

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