Rabies. Information about rabies antibodies quantification test  in vaccinated animals.

The method used is recommended by the reference laboratory of the European Community of Nancy (France) (Laboratoire de la Rage et de la Faune Sauvage de Nancy). The test quantifies the rabies antibody by a virus neutralization procedure (FAVN: Fluorescent Antibody Virus Neutralization) using a quantized rabies virus CVS-11 strain suspension.

This procedure is complex and costly because: 1) using a rabies virus suspension quantized (entitled) to address a known amount of virus to the sera; 2) employs cultured BHK-21 cells for evidence of virus neutralization by antibodies; 3) using immunofluorescence with specific antibodies against rabies virus labeled with fluorescein, to demonstrate replication (viability) of the virus in the absence of antibodies, or otherwise neutralizing if any antibodies in inoculated cell cultures; 4) the serum must test it at various dilutions, to quantify the amount of antibodies contained, and everything must be done in quadruplicate; and 5) must be done by comparing with an international standard reference serum, having a known amount of rabies antibodies, to give the result in International Units (IU / ml). To consider the animal is protected, you must have a serum antibody titer less than 0.5 IU / mL.


Recommended sample:

Serum separated blooded animal (0.5 to 1 ml), taken in dry tube or vacutainer tube type serum separator. The serum sample must keep it refrigerated until shipment to the laboratory. If they were to take more than 4-5 days you should be frozen. Alternatively, if the blood comes the day after extraction, can refer a type vacutainer tube whole blood (5 to 10 ml), and the serum would be separated in our laboratory. The blood sample must be drawn at least 30 days after completion of the vaccination to allow time for antibodies are generated, and the time required by the European regulation currently in force (EU Regulation No.. 576/2013). When the animals come from other third countries and are introduced into the European Union, the sample must be taken at least 3 months before being moved by a registered veterinarian and for certain countries before 3 or 6 months (see Rules in corresponding section ). 

Delivery of results:

In a maximum of 9 working days (Monday to Friday), from receipt of the sample, if the test donot require any repetition, and the cost of the test has been prepaid, we will inform by email if the resultat shows protection or not. Then, we will send by postal mail the report with the results and the invoice. 

Cost of the test:

100.- € (one hundred euros) (includes VAT 21% and service with our concerted collection from points of the Peninsula delegation having them courier, and that do not involve extra payment of mileage). The courier is not included for shipments from Balearic Islands, Canary Islands, Ceuta, Melilla or countries other than Spain. For samples sent from other countries, from Balearic Islands, Canary Islands, Ceuta or Melilla, the sender can make use of his choice messaging, and should take charge of their cost, and expenses that may involve customs and inspection services veterinary seaports or airports

Other issues:

  • See "Clarifications on the management of rabies antibody test for samples sent from Spain".
  • See "Clarifications to frequently asked questions requesting information for sending samples to test rabies antibodies from countries other than Spain. 

Sending samples 

For sending samples of serum or whole blood, our center has a courier service (see the limitations in the previous section cost of the test: only in Spain Peninsula, but not for Balearic Islands, Canary Islands, Ceuta, Melilla or countries other than Spain). To require our concerted messaging should send an email to ivami@ivami.com with the name and full address (including ZIP code), telephone, contact person and schedule. If after reading the document you have any questions, you can call us at 96-169 1702 (our hours are from 8.30 am to 15.00 pm and from 16.00 to 18.00 h). 

Must send the tube with the serum, or whole blood into a plastic container sealing, preferably biological safety, and placed within an insulated container (Styrofoam), preferably cooled with a pack frozen. Enter the completed form attached to your computer or print clearly (upper case), inside a plastic sleeve to prevent wetting during transport. At the end of the form there is a section called Billing, to tell us the name, full address and CIF / DNI, which must appear on the invoice. Fridays shipment should not be done because we do not have messaging delivery on Saturdays.


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