South Africa: Tests required for pet travel to South Africa.



  • Brucella canis (Brucella canis anti- agglutination).
  • Trypanosoma evansi
    • Passive agglutination antibodies.
    • Detection display blood smear.
  • Babesia gibsoni:
    • Antibodies by indirect immunofluorescence.
    • Microscopic examination of stained blood smear.
  • Heartworm (direct detection by visualization after filtration of blood).
  • Leishmaniasis (indirect immunofluorescence method to detect anti- Leishmania infantum).

Tests must be made within 30 days before departure.

Sample types:

  • Whole blood tube suitable for separation of serum (5 ml), or separated serum (2 ml), separated from the blood and introduced into a microtube (Eppendorf), and this in turn into another plastic tube protector first .
  • Total blood are extracted in EDTA tube (5 mL), to detect heartworm after lysis-filtration process, and to prepare blood smear for detection of Babesia spp.
  • Two extensions blood unfixed, dyed, for Trypanosoma evansi research and Babesia gibsoni.

Tubes with blood samples (serum and, if any) must be sent introduced into a protective plastic container. These tubes can be sent in a polystyrene box isothermal (Styrofoam), or within a padded envelope, as a protective measure to prevent breakage. The slides must be sent inside a plastic bag sealing (type minigrip) protected from moisture, and in turn in a protective packaging to prevent breakage. Send by mail to be received the next day in the laboratory.

Completion time: 10 days from the receipt of the sample (if it was before it would communicate).

Cost of testing: