Clostridium botulinum - Tests offered by IVAMI: Time for report of results (TAT), application, storage conditions and shipping.

 Time for report of results (TAT)


  • We can not give exact times. If testing only for detection of toxin by mice inoculation and the result is negative, the report of results would be a maximum of one week. If testing include cultivation of the sample, and then detecting the toxin made by inoculating a culture filtrate of mice, the time would be two weeks. If any of these tests mouse inoculation, extract from a sample or culture filtrate, were positive, neutralization test should be performed in mice to corroborate that is botulinum toxin and identify its type by neutralization tests, the completion time is 15 days.
  • Real time PCR tests the report are in 3 or 4 days.

Form with product characteristics and test/s chosen

  • If applying for conducting tests with the product must submit a letter in which product characteristics and the chosen tests to be performed with the sample sent.

Sample volume

  • See in each case, depending on the type of tests offered by IVAMI.

Storage conditions and shipping of samples

  • They are sent on the conditions under which the sample is usually found, protected for transportation. In the case of samples that can decompose because it is contaminated with bacteria, or by its own organic (perishables, sera from animal or human, feces, sludge, ... ..), the samples must be stored and shipped frozen, or at least under the conditions that ensure cooling during transport (with the sample container inside a box -expanded polystyrene- (white cork) with cold packs frozen. Note: this organism by itself does not pose a risk of contamination by biological exposure.