Rabies. Clarification about management of samples for anti-rabies antibodies quantification test sent from SPAIN

Experience with some common problems related to the administration of rabies antibody test, has led us to communicate the following:

  1. Collection management (provide details for check payment): the difficulties taken sometimes to find the correspondence between a payment made by bank transfer or cash in the indicated bank account and payment of a test, reminds us of the need that is made in income indicate the "pet name" and "holder 's name has been indicated on the form must be issued to whom the bill". This will facilitate finding the matching income and proof, and avoid the delay in sending the result.
  2. Collection management (payments to send the report) is that the laboratory notes, once received the serum sample, start performing the test, and will not send the result until it has received the payment. The laboratory will send an email informing that the report is completed, requesting proof of payment if he had not received income.
  3. Shipment management reporting: in the information provided regarding the time of completion of the test, up to 9 working days is indicated. These 9 days correspond to weekdays (Monday through Friday) needed to perform the test, counting from the day he receives the serum sample in the laboratory, provided that the entire testing process has worked correctly. If for some reason unusual, in conducting the test had to make a repeat, we could not issue the report within that period. In normal conditions, the laboratory will issue and send only the test result in a report, along with the bill, which will be sent by ordinary e-mail to the address of the invoice.
  4. Performing a second analysis to the same pet: if the first analysis results in a concentration of less rabies antibody 0.5 IU / mL, and must be repeated by sending a new sample. The amount of the second analysis is the same as the first (100.- €, VAT included), to be paid back by following the instructions indicated above.

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