Rabies. Consultation: People worried about being bitten two months ago by a dog. Antibody testing should be done?.

In the case posed a person bitten, the first thing to do is be watching the biter dog, because if sick in a few days with any neurological symptoms, the bitten person should be vaccinated against rabies. If the animal had been slaughtered, or ill, should proceed to the diagnosis of infection with rabies virus in the biting animal, by at least two methods (a-inoculation intracerebral to mouse brain suspension of the biting animal; b-immunofluorescence direct in brain tissue biting animal, or c-PCR to detect rabies virus genome). Perform at least two test tries to avoid any source of error.

Sometimes it is the case that the dog has fled, or his whereabouts are known, in which case
there must also be vaccinating the person within 15 days after the bite.

The screening of antibodies in humans, is only used to evaluate the effect of vaccination, essentially professionals for their activity, are exposed to risks of animal bites, but no interest for the diagnosis in people bitten, and it takes too
long to be positive, and before that, would manifest symptoms of rabies irreversible.

In this case you, our recommendation would be that if
you know the dog that bit him, and the dog is fine, do not worry, the dog, in these two months after the bite and have manifested symptoms.

you do not know the dog, or fled or disappeared, it get vaccinated immediately. Theirs, had been that he had vaccinated within 15 days after the bite, but if you have not, do it as soon as possible. Note that the incubation period, if the dog had had rabies depends on the site of the bite respect to distance from the central nervous system, the depth of the bite, cleaning carried out the wound bite, etc.

Either way, Reassure the bitten, as rabies is very unlikely in a dog from Spain, because our country is free from rabies, and when cases have occurred, import animal is -Morocco, etc.).